CILT – Tuscany International Linguistic Centre


CILT is looking for students who would like to learn and improve their Italian.

We are located in the historic centre of Pisa, in the heart of the cultural development of the Italian language.

                                     APPLY TO PARTICIPATE Courses
Italian Language and Culture Course (Intensive)
Spoken Italian Language and Culture Course (Intensive)
Advanced L2 teacher training

CILT Intensive Courses are designed for international students who want to learn Italian or practice their language skills, in the local environment! 

A1 program 
A2 program 
B1 program 
B2 program 
C1 program
C2 program

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The International Linguistic Center of Tuscany is a leader in teaching Italian and other languages, as well as in the research of spreading Italian language and culture throughout the world.

The CILT language projects provide an intensive study of Italian language with innovative programs, effective teaching and training methods which make possible to improve the language in a short time by using it in contexts such as tourism,translation,economy or sociology.

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