Intensive Italian Language and Culture Course

Your study experience in Italy will not only be intensive but will also be enjoyable! At the end of this journey, you will be leaving with beautiful memories and will be wanting to return back for more…


Pisa is not only about the leaning tower, but also about the Mediterranean Sea, its mountains and its wonderful climate! 

But let’s put it in order! 
We are offering you several options for your Holiday Study at CILT. 
You can spend one or two weeks with us, or you can spend the whole month! During this time, you will master a program that meets your level and purpose. The program provides both in class and online lessons, so we recommend to bring a computer or a tablet with you unless you prefer a smartphone! 
The good news is that, in addition to the training, you have the possibility to have a great time at the seaside, only 15 minutes away from Pisa. You can enjoy a walk in the fresh air of the beautiful cities of Tuscany with its small streets. Breathing art and culture will strengthen your language and your love for this country. 

Most of our students advice this recreation program to their friends and acquaintances, telling them how much they have appreciated the quality of our teaching and cozy accommodation in our friendly international atmosphere!


Which level to choose?

Language Test

According to the COMMON EUROPEAN FRAMEWORK OF REFERENCE FOR LANGUAGES guideline, there are six levels established for the european languages.

BASE A1, A2 

Here are the details you need for every level: 


Principianti (Italian course for beginners) In certain sources – elementare) 
Objective: the aquisition of the basic communication skills; expansion of the thematic language knowledge. 
Description: The course is designed for those who do not know Italian. Students begin with studying the alphabet, phonetics, reading and writing rules. At the end of the course, students will be able to communicate using the most basic vocabulary (numbers, time, months, days of the week, family, colors, orientation in the city, movement, clothing, shopping, in a restaurant, cafe, travel, etc.) and the fundamental grammatical structures which allows them to talk about their family and work.In addition to that they will be able to describe a person, the location of an object, where they come from and the things they own. 
Apply to study this level


Elementare (basic Italian course) 
In certain sources – pre-intermedioTEST 
Objective: the aquisition of the primary skills of fluent speech
Description: the course is desgined for those who are familiar with the basics of the Italian language, aiming the expansion of the communicative and fundamental grammatical skills. The students continue to practice actively the vocabulary knowledge and grammar. At the end of the course, students can make conversation on general topics, read simple texts, share opinions on any issue, agree or dispute the opinion of others. 
Vocabulary topics: politics, medicine, ecology, holidays and traditions, Italian culture and modern literature, theater, TV, education system. 
If your level is A1, apply to study A2 level


Pre-intermedio (Italian course for continuing) 
In certain sources – intermedioTEST 
Objective: mastering all the basic lexical and grammatical structures of the Italian language 
Description: Students can confidently communicate in Italian on almost any topic, know the synonyms of many words and meanings of the expressions, and the use of grammatical structures will be enriched. Also they will have more in-depth acquaintance with the Italian culture, the mentality of the inhabitants and the current issues.
If your level is A2 – apply to study B1


Intermedio (Italian course for intermediate level) 
Pass test 
Objective: By the end of this course, a good command of the language is achieved, more complex grammatical structures (gerund, participle, infinitive) are thoroughly studied, vocabulary is enriched, fluency is improved. Speech is approaching to the standard.  
If your level is B1 – 
1) apply for B2 level


Avanzato (advanced) 
Objective: the development of the skills to communicate and write freely, the acquisition of complex forms of communication – discussions and debates. 
Description: This is an advanced level where the focus is on improving the fluent speech, the consolidation of complex grammatical and lexical forms. The student feels confident in using idiomatic expressions and slangs, to listen to complex non-adapted interviews, to read literatures from various sources, and to study additional materials. 
If your level is B2 – 
1) apply to study the C1 
2) apply for CONVERSAZIONE


Livello di padronanza (proficient course in Italian) 
Objective: systematization and consolidation of the gained knowledge. 
Description: All the knowledge is generalized; speech skills are improved, the student is approximately equal to a native speaker. 
If your level is C1 apply to study C2

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